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This, by far, has been my most meaningful project.  First birthdays are a Big Deal in Hawaii; infant mortality obviously used to be a lot larger – if a child made it to one year old, there was good likelihood they’d survive to adulthood, so that was reason to celebrate.  Even though more babies survive infancy, the tradition has stuck – with some baby luaus being bigger than these keiki’s eventual weddings.  The significance was even greater for this one – my son’s – who was born 14 weeks premature.  He is now thriving and we can’t believe that he has had pretty much no lingering health effects after crashing into our lives in the most dramatic fashion.  Happy birthday, bub.



Frosting shots – because one can never have enough buttercream


Confetti shark cupcakes


Smash cake


Favor bags: surfboard cookies, sugar sand, and a chocolate seashell



20140608_115859The mom-to-be wanted a nautical theme and not overly-girly colors. Perfect time for turquoises and corals.


Sushi Cupcakes

Trent Birthday

March 2014

Vanilla Bean Cake with Lilikoi Filling

A friend commissioned me to make cake for her husband’s birthday again this year.  It was a dinner at a sushi restaurant in Waikiki, so she asked if I could do some kind of sushi cake.  I quickly realized individual cupcake servings would be perfect.  I started with some round cupcakes (baked without papers), and a few shallow rectangular loaves, which I cut into bricks.  The round ones became maki, with an exterior of black fondant nori, and a variety of candy centers, including some li hing sour apples.  When I was looking for inspiration, I thought I would make some sashimi out of fondant to top a block of coconut “rice”.  I saw a similar cake using Swedish Fish on top, and I couldn’t help but giggle, so I made a few pieces with them.  The salmon roe are tapioca pearls colored red-orange.  I finished off the tray with some gumpaste ginger and buttercream wasabi.

Sushi Cupcakes

Sushi Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Babies-in-Blankets Baby Shower Cupcakes

I’ve done these cupcakes many times, in multiple colorways, for a number of baby showers.  My favorite was when friends of the mom-to-be stole uneaten baby heads off of plates and hid them around the house to be discovered later.  Other parties consume the fondant heads with hardly a second thought!

Fondant heads and blankets, marshmallow bodies.

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

Kristi & Max Wedding

July 2009

Kristi, an elementary art teacher, asked me to make her wedding cake – her request was to have cupcakes as well as a cake they could cut into.  I created this two-tier cake, cupcakes, and custom stand for them.  Cupcakes (and cake topper) have a KM monogram on a fondant disc along with sugar pearls coated in lustre dusts.  Cake tiers have a variety of decorations, including wired fondant balls, royal icing dots, and fondant circles and rings.

Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding Cupcakes

Sunflower Cupcake

For Hillary Sweet Sixteen Birthday.

Oreo half with gold buttercream petals. M&M ladybug.

White Chocolate Ribbons

Two examples of white chocolate ribbons.



Red Velvet Cupcakes with Almond Buttercream and White Chocolate Ribbons



Blueberry-Sour-Cream-Donut Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream and White Chocolate Ribbons




Triple Orange Cupcakes

May 2009

Orange-Vanilla Cake, Brushed with Orange Simple Syrup, Topped with a Whipped Cream Swirl and a Mandarin Orange.


Valentine Sprinkle Cupcakes

February 2013

Pink Strawberry Cake, Buttercream Swirls, Heart Sprinkles






Farewell Cupcakes

June 2011

For a family moving to Colorado – purple fondant mountains with white chocolate snow caps, buttercream swirls in brown and green, fondant farewell plaques.




Safari Cupcakes

DSC_0021_CropLight DSC_0030

Safari-Themed Toddler Birthday-Party Cupcakes

Inspired by these.



Vanilla Bean and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Vanilla Buttercream with Fondant Toppers

DSC_0026_Light DSC_0029_Light DSC_0028_Light DSC_0024_Light



Winter-Inspired Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate Cake

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Robins-Egg-Blue Buttercream Swirl with a Whisper of Mint

Pearl Sprinkles




Maia Farewell Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Buttercream

Topped with a Bittersweet Chocolate Drop

Sunflower Cupcakes