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Weather Cake


Air Force Promotion Ceremony Cake

12 May 2017

Okay, so if you weren’t already aware, my day job is in weather.  With a short departure for teaching high school, I’ve been in the weather business for, well, let’s just say multiple decades.  And can you believe this is actually my first-ever weather-themed cake?  I can’t believe it either.

So, you can imagine just how fun it was to make an edible rainbow, cumulus cupcake toppers, gum paste lightning bolts, and a rolling sea.  The rain cloud on top is paper, with hot glue dots on fishing line – I was so pleased with how it turned out!  This was also my first use of Fondarrific fondant, which is probably my second-favorite fondant so far, and I can get it locally without having to pay exorbitant shipping.  Net positive.




I took a wood-cut printmaking class at the Honolulu Museum of Art (highly recommended, by the way – every class I’ve taken there has been fantastic).  On our final night of class, I made cake to mirror the prints I’d been working on.


20140608_115859The mom-to-be wanted a nautical theme and not overly-girly colors. Perfect time for turquoises and corals.


Sushi Cupcakes

Trent Birthday

March 2014

Vanilla Bean Cake with Lilikoi Filling

A friend commissioned me to make cake for her husband’s birthday again this year.  It was a dinner at a sushi restaurant in Waikiki, so she asked if I could do some kind of sushi cake.  I quickly realized individual cupcake servings would be perfect.  I started with some round cupcakes (baked without papers), and a few shallow rectangular loaves, which I cut into bricks.  The round ones became maki, with an exterior of black fondant nori, and a variety of candy centers, including some li hing sour apples.  When I was looking for inspiration, I thought I would make some sashimi out of fondant to top a block of coconut “rice”.  I saw a similar cake using Swedish Fish on top, and I couldn’t help but giggle, so I made a few pieces with them.  The salmon roe are tapioca pearls colored red-orange.  I finished off the tray with some gumpaste ginger and buttercream wasabi.

Sushi Cupcakes

Sushi Cupcakes

Pirate's Treasure Chest Cake

Adrian’s Pirate-Themed 40th Birthday Cake

October 2010

When my friend decided to throw a big blow-out bash for his birthday, he had two simple requests: a treasure chest cake and edible sand.  Done.  Everything you see is edible: fondant-covered treasure chest cake, gumpaste treasure maps, sugar pearls, sugar gemstones, lustre-dusted chocolate bars, sugar-in-the-raw sand.

Best compliment of the night – people asked “WHERE is the birthday cake??”  Everyone thought it was just another treasure-chest decor element.

Pirate's Treasure Chest Cake Pirate's Treasure Chest Cake Pirate's Treasure Chest Cake Pirate's Treasure Chest Cake


Frog Prince Groom's Cake

Beth & Ben’s Groom’s Cake

January 2011

Beth and her mom wanted a frog-prince groom’s cake so she could have a great photo opportunity kissing her Frog Prince.  And of course it was red velvet – Steel Magnolias-style.  My first sculpted cake.  Green fondant, gold lustre-dusted gumpaste crown.

Kissing her Frog Prince

Before the fondant:

Red Velvet Frog Cake

Baby Cupcakes

Babies-in-Blankets Baby Shower Cupcakes

I’ve done these cupcakes many times, in multiple colorways, for a number of baby showers.  My favorite was when friends of the mom-to-be stole uneaten baby heads off of plates and hid them around the house to be discovered later.  Other parties consume the fondant heads with hardly a second thought!

Fondant heads and blankets, marshmallow bodies.

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Baby Cupcakes

Modern Wedding Reception Cake

Surprise Wedding Reception

July 2011

I made Roxi & Zack’s wedding cake a couple months prior in southern California, but none of our other Florida friends could make it to the wedding.  We hosted a surprise reception for them in Florida, and I made this cake, reminiscent of their original cake.

Dark brown chocolate and turquoise fondant with gumpaste blossoms

Bon Voyage to San Francisco Cake

Jessica Moves to SF

August 2010

Red Velvet with Almond Buttercream, her favorite.

A little help from Google Maps.

Bon Voyage to San Francisco Cake

And why yes, that is a red fondant Gate Bridge. 🙂

Bon Voyage to San Francisco Cake

Casablanca Prom Cake

Casablanca Prom Cake

May 2010

Of course I was involved in planning the prom at the high school where I taught in Florida!  Instead of opting for catered dessert at the venue, the kids all wanted one of my cakes.  For this one, the dance’s theme was Casablanca – 1940s Hollywood glamour meets Morrocco.  Fondant paisleys and tassels, Moroccan and Arabic-inspired forms, and bright colors that matched the theme decor.

Casablanca Prom Cake Casablanca Prom CakeCasablanca Prom Cake 

Photos from the venue:

Casablanca Prom Casablanca Prom Casablanca Prom Casablanca Prom

Masquerade Prom Cake

Masquerade Prom Cake

May 2011

Of course I was involved in planning the prom at the high school where I taught in Florida!  Instead of opting for catered dessert at the venue, the kids all wanted one of my cakes.  For this one, for a Venetian-masquerade-ball-themed dance, I went completely over-the-top.  Topsy-turvy layers, black-and-white fondant, wired decor, lustre-dusted gumpaste masks, tulle, and loads of feathers.  If some is good, more is better.

Masquerade Prom Cake Masquerade Prom Cake Masquerade Prom Cake



Buttercream Swirls

“Just a Sunday” Cake

April 2013

My husband had to work on a Sunday, so I made a cake for him to take in to share with his coworkers.  Because, well, that’s what I do. 🙂  Piped buttercream swirls.

I should really list this kind of thing on my resume and highlight it in interviews… guaranteed job offers.

Buttercream Swirls

Whimsical Blue Anniversary Cake

Kristi & Max 1st Anniversary

July 2010

Instead of saving their top layer, this couple simply commissioned a small anniversary cake a year later.  The blues, pearls, and circles echo their wedding cake design.

Circles and Dots Anniversary Cake

Buttercream Heart Cake

Kristi & Max 2nd Anniversary

July 2011

After making their wedding cake, Kristi & Max had me make their anniversary cakes every year until I moved.  This one features toasted-coconut cake, pineapple filling, vanilla buttercream, and toasted coconut decoration.  And a heart swooped into the frosting.

Toasted Coconut and Buttercream Cake

Orange Floral Cake with Bunting


Farewell Cake

June 2012

Lemon-Lilikoi Cake with Lemon Buttercream

Orange fondant with white gumpaste flowers.  Paper bunting with guest-of-honor’s name.

Baby Shower for Baby Boy

Baby Shower for Baby Boy

August 2013

Vanilla Bean Cake with Mango Filling

Dark Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche Filling

I don’t normally post photos of my inspiration for cakes, because I just feel like it’s a Cake Wrecks Missed Marks waiting to happen.  But, I’m going to take the leap. (:  The shower organizer gave me total creative control, but gave a couple suggestions.  She sent this picture, saying that she fell in love with this cake on Pinterest.  She also suggested a baby/bathtub theme.  The nursery-to-be is going to be outfitted in a jungle theme, but I wasn’t given explicit instructions to theme it up.  I decided on a variation on the photo because I just love the combo of turquoise and lime, plus I feel like so many baby showers are all baby-fied and poor mom gets lost in it all.  I wanted to give her an elegant grown-up baby-shower cake.

I wound up coloring a lot of turquoise fondant, so I did a lighter teal on top in place of plain white.  Also, I should use sugar pearls more often – they’re so lovely.

The Inspiration Cake

The Inspiration Cake

Baby Shower for Baby Boy

My Creation


A Variety of Cheesecakes!


Key Lime Cheesecake


Savory Southwestern Cheesecake


Groom’s Cake Raspberry Cheesecake


A Buffet of Blueberry Cheesecake


Lemon Almond Cake


Detail of a lemon-almond cake.  Just because.



Farewell Cupcakes

June 2011

For a family moving to Colorado – purple fondant mountains with white chocolate snow caps, buttercream swirls in brown and green, fondant farewell plaques.





Montverde Academy Class of 2011 Graduation Cake (done in UCF colors)

June 2011

3-layer cake with top layer styled as mortarboard with fondant tassel.  Quilted fondant, gold-dust sugar pearls, and fondant ropes and diploma.


Montverde Academy Class of 2011 Graduation Cake

May 2011

Purple and Gold fondant


Year of the Snake Cake


Lunar New Year: Year of the Snake

Sea Serpent Cake

February 2013

Sculpted Red Velvet Cake, Almond Buttercream




Valentine’s Day 2009



October 2009

Adrian Pirate Party

October 2010